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Atherton Treehouse

Atherton Treehouse is chock-full of enticing features for active kids. Climbing opportunities abound with a 10' rock wall, hand-knotted rope net, rope-n-rung ladder and stainless steel firepole. Once you've made it up to the top deck, the swinging rope bridge, rope tunnel, straight bridge overswings, occtagonal deck, climbing tower, slide tower and zipline ride invite kids to run, jump and swing through the trees. For more contemplative moods, a chalkboard and boat-shaped sandbox provide a relaxing sensory experience. Inside you'll find a play kitchen, fold-away table and stools, and a cabinet cleverly concealing a secret escape hatch.

Classic Treehouse

Classic Treehouse has a classic-sized 6' x 8' Clubhouse (48 SQ FT) with Gable roof, front door with sliding peephole and 3 window openings with shutters and decorative metal window grates. Access is via rung ladder to the front deck with picket railing or by the more challenging "Hanging Platform" with rope-n-rung ladder. A great hideaway for kids who want to be high up in a tree!


Treepoline (tree-poh-leen) is a massive rope hang-out. Hand-woven out of 1/4" polyester faux manila rope (guaranteed to stay softer in the elements and last longer than the real thing), this BBAB original is the perfect perch for admiring the treetops and daydreaming, yet also stands up to a lively game of fly in a spider web!

Terra Verde Treehouse

Terra Verde Treehouse is built around and attached to this beautiful old oak tree, sitting firmly on multiple, large branches that supply excellent support along with the 2 footing posts attached beneath the 100% waterproof, 6ft x 8ft Clubhouse with cedar shingled roof, hand-made glass windows and board & batten siding.  Three decks provide great viewing spots and the small upper deck doubles as the take-off platform for the 120ft zipline ride. Beautiful, functional & fun for the kids with a firepole, pulley bucket, rope swing, and rope-n-rung ladder.   

Old Oak Treehouse

Wrapped around a gorgeous old oak tree that sits high above a valley, the Old Oak Treehouse provides kids and adults of all ages with a compelling experience in a peaceful environment. The Juliet Balcony, built into the one-of-a-kind, two-tiered deck system, allows you to stand & look out at the world and revel in the beauty of nature.

Los Gatos Treehouse

Climb up the angled rung ladder, slide down the Turbo Tube Slide, or test your upper body strength with the Giant Knotted Rope Climb. The Los Gatos Treehouse has a beautiful color palette designed to inspire a fun, creative, play environment.

Inverness Treehouse

Set sail on a wild adventure aboard the pirate-themed Inverness Treehouse. Intentionally hidden within a grove of trees, this treehouse was crafted for the kid in all of us. The vast amount of space that the Inverness Treehouse covers enables it to include two tree perches, a swinging bridge, a clubhouse, a rope climb and a water cannon. With that many options, anyone who chooses to embark on a journey through this sea of leaves is guaranteed to discover a world of fun.

Redwood Treehouse

Nestled between three beautiful Redwood trees, this one of a kind, two-tiered treehouse is held eight feet in the air. The handcrafted, straight rung ladder connects the ground to a 35 square foot Entrance Deck. A smaller ladder connects the Entrnace Deck to the upper Tree Deck & Clubhouse. Redwood Treehouse is a perfect combination of adventure and serenity.

Southampton Treehouse

This custom Treehouse is built around 2 magnificent trees with a 16' long Swinging Bridge connecting the large Clubhouse with multiple decks on one end to the 3 levels of Tree Decks with Zip Line ride on the other end. Beautiful, elegant and fun!

Coyote Valley Treehouse

Nestled deep in a beautiful valley, Coyote Valley Treehouse sits high up in the branches amongst a grouping of 3 giant trees. The 24' long deck, wrapped around 5 different tree limbs, is encircled by 60' of hand-woven rope net railing. Climb up the extraordinary double "S-curve" Winder Steps that circle up & around 2 tree trunks to reach the large, rustic clubhouse with the amazing views!


Long Island Tree House

Long Island Tree House is the perfect "getaway" Clubhouse for kids that have outgrown the playground. A place to climb up to and hang out in, have sleepovers, secret meetings, and even do homework. Sometimes, it's just great to be outside in a place of your own, where parents rarely follow because they know that you're safe.

Hillside Tree Forts

Hillside Tree Forts turns the side of this hill into a fantastic play space - 4 different Tree Forts built into 4 different giant, knurly trees, with swinging bridge, monkey bars, super slide, firepole, rope net ladder, clubhouse and tree-to-tree Zip Line ride. So big a space it can't be shown in one image! 

Bluebird Treehouse

Bluebird Treehouse sparkles in the middle of this backyard island. A large Clubhouse with secret sliding door to the balcony sits atop the 1/2-octagon deck with hand-woven rope net railings.  Underneath the deck are plenty of fun activities: monkey bars, parallel rings, trapeze bar, disc swing and giant knotted climbing rope. Inside, a built-in loft for reading, napping or hanging out with friends. And from the top of the deck, take-off on a 50' long Zip Line Ride!

Tree Top Inn

This extraordinary multi-tree, multi-level treehouse with swinging & straight bridges, rope railings, and a rustic clubhouse perched high on the upper deck incorporates 3 separate trees into its complex design. Built for adults as well as children, the Tree Top Inn is every kid-at-heart's dream come true.

Minnesota Treehouse

Minnesota Treehouse nestles deep in the woods near an inviting lake, just waiting for kids to come take a Zip Line ride, climb the Rope-n-Rung ladder, cross the Swinging Bridge and hang-out at the Clubhouse. Left rustic with only a tinted tung-oil finish, this treehouse will weather beautifully to a silver gray.

Ship in a Tree

Ship in a Tree is a fascinating mix of fantasies creating an exciting kids' treehouse. And why not? This gnarled old tree has story book qualities, making it the perfect site. A Giant Rope Climb to the Main Deck with Ship’s Prow and Rope Net Railings will stir the imagination of any child. A total of 24 square feet of platforms are spread over 4 levels, woven among huge limbs.

Log Lookout

Log Lookout is a cool compilation of cost-effective ideas resulting in up to 10% savings: natural, unstained redwood with no trims & carvings, reclaimed materials provided by the client (such as tree logs & branches for railings & ladders), and rock holds added to an existing fence in place of building a new wall.  All ways to accomplish a great play space for a lower cost! 

Magic Treehouse

Built in a small cove of redwood trees, the Magic Treehouse provides a great escape spot for young kids! It is built directly across from the main house. Access to the treehouse is via rungs attached to a redwood sapling that break through the deck just behind the small Clubhouse.  Or, the rock climbing wall is the other way up.

Dynamite Treefort

A cascade of colors highlight this exuberant Treefort, making it an instant kid pleaser. Dynamite Treefort is anchored on one end with a 16' high 2-story Fort with Pyramid Roof and playhouse below. The 9' long bridge over 2 swings connects to the large deck wrapped around the trunk of the giant New Zealand tree that anchors the other end. Multiple ups & downs provide plenty of active play.

Adoorable Treehouse

Adoorable Treehouse is fabricated from beautiful, old salvage doors collected by the client over many years and stored in their garage. Barbara fabricated the redwood frame around the doors, even using a single French door with glass panes as the skylight.  A Rope-n-Rung ladder leads up to the redwood Entrance Platform. Step through the front door into a unique room made from doors!

California Hideout

The California Hideout is a small, rustic, 4-level tree fort built in a knurly, old tree in southern California. It has a rung ladder for easy access and (just barely visible) a Turbo Tube Slide for the fast way down.

Verde Tree Fort

Verde Tree Fort combines a rough & tumble play structure with a bridge over to a tree fort built around a massive redwood tree. The best of both worlds, with plenty of fun play features: rock climbing & firepole, bridge over swings, rope net ladder & ship's ladder, plus heavy duty slide.

Majestic Treehouse

Majestic Treehouse combines natural earth tones with vibrant color accents to create a magical hideout in the forest.  Gigantic redwood trees surround the 10' square Tree Deck that is large enough for multiple play features above & below: Clubhouse, Super Slide, Rope Net Ladder, angled Rung Ladder, Firepole, extra-large Rock Climbing Wall, Disc Swing, Monkey Bars and 50' long Zip Line Ride.

Fort Summertime

 Play structure meets tree fort in bright and welcoming Fort Summertime. The straight bridge enables speedy access between the Octagon Tree Fort and the Fortress and suspends the twirling tire swing.

Buckeye Treehouse

Buckeye Treehouse was designed around a unique, twisting forest of Buckeye tree branches.  This design was especially challenging because of the spatial limits of the 20' x 20' yard.  Barbara wanted to be able to use the space to its fullest potential without distracting from the beauty of the tree. The results: a compact, yet spacious Clubhouse atop a deck built around the twisty tree with support posts to the ground and a great swing beam! It is a perfect treetop retreat for children.

Fort Getaway

Fort Getaway is a multi-level Tree Fort with wonderful nooks and crannies, bridges and stairways and colorful details that arouse curiosity. The client bought this structure for her grandchildren--but she always wanted one for herself.   

Emerald Fortress

Luscious greens create a tree top sanctuary in this custom Treehouse designed to span two giant Pepper trees.  Emerald Fortress, built amidst wispy branches, brings nature to children and provides a mysterious playful environment.

Sycamore Treefort

Start with a beautiful, Giant Sycamore Tree and then add 2 Playhouses on top of a big Tree Deck built around the tree trunk.  Add spice to the fun with a Zip Line Ride that starts at the fork in the tree. 

East Hampton Treefort

The Ship Clubhouse and companion Lookout Tower have a breathtaking view of Long Island Sound.

Casa de Arbol

Beautiful Tuscan colors highlight this elegant Mediterranean country treehouse.

Escalade Tree Fort

Escalade Tree Fort is a custom 4-level treehouse with multiple decks. Barbara used a variety of fortress, slated and hand-woven rope net railings to give each level a unique look and feel. Designed to blend in with the tree, it is difficult to see the Clubhouse on the top level. Up and down access is via multiple rung ladders and the quick escape Firepole.

Fort Fiesta

Fort Fiesta is a colorful and artistic Treefort composed of multiple play forts connected by an angled catwalk and 2 straight bridges.  With great delight, Barbara and her clients collaborated on choosing the South-Western/Mexican images carved on the structure in celebration of the local traditions of the area.

Fort Farwell

Fort Farwell is the best of 2 worlds - a play structure and a tree fort!  2 bridges angle off the Clubhouse, emulating the branches of a tree.  The Bridge over Swings leads to a Climbing Tower and the Bridge over Monkey Bars leads to a fabulous Tree Fort with Zip Line ride.

Bel Air Bungalow

Bel Air Bungalow is intricately carved on every wall with a magical menagerie of animals. This 2-Story Playhouse with Decks and Balconies integrates a hillside with Play Features like the Super Slide, Firepole, Rope Net Ladder and Swinging Bridge.

Playhouse in a Tree

Playhouse in a Tree is featured on HGTV's "Out on a Limb" treehouse special, examining some of the worlds most deluxe and imaginative treehouses!  Check your local listings to see air dates & times.  

Fort Autumn

This extraordinary custom Play Structure was designed and built for a family in Indiana. It has everything necessary to provide years of exciting outdoor play.

Redwood Roughhouse

Redwood Roughhouse is built around a giant redwood tree, with a fabulous Zip Line Ride in one direction, challenging Hand-over-Hand bars in the opposite direction and a Big Deck with Clubhouse facing the yard.  Check out the super-sized Turbo Slide! Redwood Roughhouse is almost a treehouse.

Tropical Treehouse

Tropical Treehouse is large and airy, woven around the spreading branches of this magnificent tree.  Built in Florida, this luxury treehouse has a color palette and "house on stilts" that evoke tropical images. The play area underneath is shady and filled with sand. Additional play features include 2 Bridges with 2 Towers.   

The Treehouse

The Treehouse sits on top of a super-sized 10' x 20' Big Deck, perched high up in a big, old oak tree, with branches breaking through both the deck and the playhouse walls. Below deck is a rung ladder, rock climbing wall, firepole, super slide and ship's ladder.

Tuxedo Castle

Tuxedo Castle embraces twin evergreens in a magical forest clearing. A Bridge-over-Swings spans the trees leading from a crenellated Octagon Tower to a Tree Fort with Super Slide and Rope Net Ladder. In the background is a Playhouse with a façade mirroring the family home. Up the hill is another Tree Fort with a Zip Line. 

Lookout Tree Fort

A venerable tree in a shady corner of the yard is the perfect spot for Lookout Tree Fort. Play features abound in this playful Treehouse the whole family can enjoy.


Ship Ahoy!

A Pirate's Ship with a Crow's Nest, a Rock Climbing Tower, and a rattling Swinging Bridge between towering trees, giving the illusion of a tree fort! Everything a young pirate could want.

Canyon Perch

Deep in a ravine, perched high on top of a 9' tall tree stump, this magnificent Tree Fort is inspirational. Step across the Swinging Bridge onto a full wrap-around Look-Out Deck, and feel like you have stepped back in time to a place dinosaurs roamed. A Trap Door from the upper deck leads to a small Catwalk and a Rock Climbing Tower below. Here you can take the Turbo Tube Slide for a quick way down. Or, run back to the rear of the Look-Out Deck and escape down the 15' Fire Pole. At every turn, this extraordinary Tree Fort, will take your breath away!

Fort Evergreen

Fort Evergreen is a dynamic treehouse, combining a Big Step Stacking Fort, a Swinging Bridge, a Fortress Bridge-over-Swings and a Hexagon Climbing Tower, all connected to a stately evergreen. Wrap-Around Climbing Walls, a Turbo Tube Slide, Rope Net Ladder and Fire Pole are just a few of the Play Features.

La Hacienda

La Hacienda connects a Tree Fort with a faux Terracotta Tile Roof to 2 more Towers via a Bridge-over-Tire-Swing, a Bridge-over-Belt-Swings, and a Swinging Bridge. Warm, southwestern colors flow along this long, narrow space.

Zipitty Treefort

Zipitty Treefort has a great 2-Story Playhouse with balcony and a 10' Bridge-over-Swings leading to a Tree Perch wrapped around a towering pine tree.  Why Zipitty?  Because there is a really great zipitty Zip Line ride from that towering pine Tree Perch, guaranteed to make you want to ride again and again. Tree Forts combined with Play Forts are a winning combination.