Price list
HD 120: Hideaway Fort 12,980 Brochure

THE HIDEAWAY is our most compact, 2-story Fort at 16 SQ FT x 9' high with 6' deck height.  Upper level deck with 36" high fortress railings plus playhouse below with built-in bench over secret escape hatch. Comes with 3 great play features: Rock Climbing Wall, Rope Net Ladder, and Angled Rung Ladder. Fits in tight spaces!

HD123: Turbo Hideaway Fort $19,980 Brochure

Turbo Hideaway Fort (4' x 4' x 9' high with 6' deck height): add a Turbo Tube Slide and a Pyramid Roof to the standard Hideaway Fort to create a super-charged Play Fort with 4 great play features: Rope Net Ladder, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole and Turbo Tube Slide.

HD124: Swing Hideaway Fort $15,980 Brochure

The Swing Hideaway has all the standard Hideaway features (Rock Wall, Firepole and Rope Net Ladder) plus a 9' long angled beam over 2 Swings.  The beam has a sawtooth strip on top to discourage kids from walking across, and an "A" frame at the end with a built-in bench seat.  This "forest" color palette lets the Swing Hideaway blend in with the surroundings. Choose your own colors!

HD 126: Swing Turbo Hideaway $21,980 Brochure


SWING TURBO HIDEAWAY has it all: Tower with Gable Roof, Playhouse below, Turbo Tube Slide, Rope Net Ladder, Rock Climbing Wall, stainless steel Firepole (or upgrade to Coil Climber for additional $400), plus an angled 8' long Swing Beam over 2 swings. A small footprint with big fun!


RHF 218: Robins Tower $16,980 Brochure

Robin's Tower is a 2-story fort (4'6" x 4'6" x 10' high) with all the bells & whistles: rock climbing wall, firepole, rope net ladder, turbo tube slide and flag pole with 3 flags! This is the base fort (no swings) - perfect for small yards and tight spaces.

RHF212: Robin Hood 2 Swings $26,980 Brochure

Robin Hood's Fort with 2 Swings is our most popular 2-story fort! The Tower is 4.5' x 4.5' x 10' high with 7' deck height and playhouse below. The 9' long bridge provides plenty of additional upper level play space.  Besides 2 belt swings, kids have challenging fun with a rock climbing wall, stainless steel firepole, turbo tube slide, flagpole with 3 flags and, at the end of the bridge, a rope net ladder. Choose rope net railings in place of fortress railings for a more open style. Choose your own colors for no additional charge. For example, this color palette reflects the warm colors of the main house.

RHF 210: Robin Hood 1 Swing $19,980 Brochure

ROBIN HOOD'S FORT 1 SWING: This exceptional 2-story fort (4'6" x 4'6" x 10' high) comes with a Playhouse below, Turbo Tube Slide, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole, Rope Net Ladder, Flag pole with 3 flags AND 3' long x 2' wide bridge over 1 disc swing.


RHF214: Robin Hood 3 Swings $29,980 Brochure

Robin Hood's Fort with 3 Swings has an extra-long 12' Bridge extending from the Fort to the Rope Net Ladder.  The Bridge is long enough to attach 3 belt swings underneath allowing 3 kids to swing at the same time.  All the other standard Robin Hood's Fort features are still there: the Rock Climbing Wall, the Firepole, the Turbo Tube Slide and the Rope Net Ladder at the end of the long Bridge.   ADD A PYRAMID ROOF for $3,800 or Gable Roof for $3,100. Choose your own color palette!

KF221: King Fort 2 Swings $34,980 Brochure

King Fort 2 Swings: Fantastic 2-story Clubhouse Tower (5' x 6' x 15' high) with Gable Roof and playhouse below, plus 5 great play features:  Rock climbing wall; stainless steel Firepole with safety gate; Turbo tube slide; Rope net  ladder; and 9' long bridge over 2 belt swings. Choose your own color palette.

KF223: King Fort 3 Swings $37,980 Brochure
King Fort 3 Swings: The ultimate 2-story Clubhouse Tower (5' x 6' x 15' high) with Gable Roof and playhouse below, plus 5 great play features:  Rock climbing wall, firepole, hand-woven rope net ladder, turbo tube slide & 12' long bridge over 3 belt swings (an extra 3' of bridge and one extra swing). Choose your own color palette.
Winter Wonderland N/A Brochure

This is Barbara's first play structure and original source of inspiration - our upstate NY house. The Butler kids (all 8 of us) grew up in this extraordinary old house with it's secret panels, spiral staircase, spooky attic and great old oak tree out back. Our Dad climbed the tree and hung a thick rope with knot on the end, then placed 2 logs into the crotch of the tree as a way up. We spent hours every summer day outside up in the tree and on the rope swing. During the winter (it seemed to snowed 9 months out of the year) we could swing off the logs into giant snow drifts!

Happy Holidays from all of us at BBABinc!

Click on the Slideshow above for more great snow covered images. 


BF 356: The Fortress $32,980 Brochure

The Fortress: LARGE Clubhouse (6' x 6' x 16' high) perfect for older kids. The Fortress offers BIG play features in a small space: Turbo Tube Slide, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole & Rope Net Ladder. Plus comes with a Pulley Bucket play accessory.

BF 343: Activity Center II $19,980 Brochure

Activity Center II is the 2nd in a series of backyard "jungle gyms" designed by Barbara to emphasize simple, open,elegant structures with built-in challenging play equipment. The Activity Centers are noted for their "loops of play" and lack of closed playhouse/clubhouse space.

BF 363: Amalgamated HQ TO BE AUCTIONED 6.1.19  

Welcome to Amalgamated Play Headquarters, the nerve-center for our world-wide operations dedicated to the serious business of fun and play! One part theater, one part playground, and one part quiet retreat, this structure is a fusion of physical and imaginative activity.  Imagine the play dates that kids of all ages will enjoy – the Headquarters are built sturdy enough to bring together kids, friends, parents and grandparents for hours of play.

TO BE AUCTIONED 6/1/19 AT THE DREAMS HAPPEN GALA AT THE STANFORD SHOPPING CENTER. Gala includes a live auction of 6 playhouses, fabulous food, merry music, a raffle and more.

100% of proceeds donated to Rebuilding Together Peninsula 

To purchase tickets

For information on absentee and/or proxy bidding, contact Alie Berka at 650.366.6597 x230 or at Alie@RTPeninsula.org.

BF330: Fort Mediterranean $153,860 Brochure

Fort Mediterranean offers spectacular views of the surrounding green countryside.  Spanning over 51 feet, this extraordinary play structure provides numerous playhouses, bridges and hideaways. Curves, arches and the color palette lend a Mediterranean inspired charm to this combination fortress/castle.  

BF 340: Fort Doublefun $66,540 Brochure



Fort Doublefun is a wonderful combination of twos: 2 slides, 2 swings, 2 flagpoles, 2 playhouses, 2 play accessories (drop leaf table & chairs plus Ship's Wheel) and 2 ways up via the Ship's Ladder & an extra-large Rock Climbing wall. Perfect for a gang of kids of all ages.


BF 333: Paradise Playfort $39,980 Brochure

Paradise Playfort is a rustic retreat tucked into a corner, amongst the trees. Like a treehouse, but without any tree attachment! The result of carefully design to maximize previously under-utilized space and blend in with the surroundings. 

BF 332: Gateway Fortress $106,290 Brochure

Gateway Fortress is meant for continuous play! Pass through the Gateway Entrance and scramble up the10' Swinging Bridge Ramp to the top of the Jailhouse Tower. Then across the 12' Straight Bridge (with 3 belt swings attached underneath) to the large Clubhouse on top of a Big Deck that has plenty of challenging up, down and underneath play features.

BF 331: Fort Harmony $57,600 Brochure

Fort Harmony provides plenty of activity for youngsters while at the same time blending into the landscape and providing a harmonious view from the main house.

BF335: Forest Hideaway $51,200 Brochure
Forest Hideaway is long and narrow with a large 5' x 6' Clubhouse, front and rear decks, and a multitude of play features including:  a Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole, Rope Net Ladder, and Rung Ladder. Plus there is plenty of room under the deck for attaching challenging play accessories - choose from a wide variety!
BF 334: Octagon Tower $47,400 Brochure

Octagon Tower sparks the imagination with a castle turret shape, crenellations, and rock climbing holds, plus 4 additional play features: Firepole, Turbo Tube Slide, Rung Ladder and Rope Net Ladder. The playhouse below comes with a curved-top Dutch front door, jailbar & shuttered windows, and interior bench over secret escape door. Order in the color palette of your choice! 

BF 337: Activity Center $23,600 Brochure

The Activity Center is designed to provide plenty of challenging fun in a tight, controlled space. The 4 corner play stations are the launching point for each activity: Swing, Monkey Bars, Rings, and Track Ride

BF 339: Coyote Creek Outpost $79,660 Brochure

Coyote Creek Outpost was auctioned at the Dreams Happen Gala Event in June, 2009. All proceeds were donated 100% to Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP).  RTP builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low-income homeowners and neighbors (seniors, disabled, or families) so they can live independently in warmth and safety.

BF 303: Tahoe Outpost $66,380 Brochure

Tahoe Outpost gives kids the fun of a big, outdoor play structure in a small space. This large, 2-story Hexagon Climbing Tower with tongue & groove Roof has Rock Climbing all around, a Firepole, a Rope Net Ladder, a Turbo Tube Slide and an extra-long Drawbridge-style Ramp. 

BF324: Castleland $72,870 Brochure

Appropriately named  Castleland by the children, this elegant play structure looks like a magical castle amidst the beautiful gardens.  Cross-over the arched bridge to enjoy lunch at the custom picnic table with curved benches, then spend the afternoon swinging, climbing, sliding or just reading in a quiet corner.

BF 315: Wizards Hideout $86,780 Brochure

Every 2 years, Rebuilding Together Peninsula partners with 15 local architects and Barbara Butler to create unique, one-of-a-kind, theme playhouses. These playhouses are displayed at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA, for 3 weeks and then auctioned to the highest bidder during the "Dreams Happen" Gala event.  100% of the proceeds raised from auctioning the playhouses are donated to Rebuilding Together Peninsula, an organization that builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes & community facilities for low-income, elderly and/or disabled people. Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc. has participated in this wonderful playhouse auction for the past 10 years.  

BF 316: Atherton Castle $79,760 Brochure

Atherton Castle appeared in Architectural Digest and elicited a huge response from readers. The three-color scheme of Ochre, Forest Green and Barn Red of this redwood play structure holds enormous appeal for kids and adults alike. This is the 1st of 5 versions made over the years (see Fort Bethesda & Atherton 5).

BF321: Castle Fantastico $132,740 Brochure

This ultimate castle play structure was built for 5 kids. The family and Barbara worked together to come up with the design (based on the original Connecticut Castle play structure). 

BF 318: Zig Zag $96,660 Brochure

Zig Zag is a wooden play fort designed to pack a lot of play into a condensed space with 3 Towers, 2 Bridges, a Drawbridge Ramp and multiple Play Features.

BF327: High Chaparral $132,720 Brochure

High Chaparral is an understated play creation, designed to complement the house and blend into the natural surroundings. This redwood play fort provides lots of open climbing space where the kids will develop coordination and build upper body strength.

BF 317: Atherton 5 $87,160 Brochure

You will love this version of the Atherton Castle (the 5th in the series): it has a longer Bridge, a modified Hip Roof to match the roof line of the main house, a 4' x 4' Climbing Tower at the end of the Bridge in place of the Stacking Fort and more swings!

BF 357: Wild Oasis $65,760 Brochure

The Wild Oasis Playhouse was displayed at the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, CA for 3 weeks along with 12 other exceptional playhouses designed & built by local Architects and Builders.  On June 4th, 2005, the playhouses were auctioned at the Gala "Dreams Happen" event, with all proceeds donated to Rebuilding Together, a non-profit, non-denomoninational organization that builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes & community facilities of low-income, elderly and/or disabled neighbors so they can live in warmth, safety and independence.   The Wild Oasis sold for $45,000 to one lucky high bidder!  "Playhouses that unlock the imagination of children can make dreams happen for others."  Visit www.rebuildingtogetherpeninsula.org for more information about this exceptional organization. 

BF329: Western Fort $123,480 Brochure

Everything about this fabulous redwood play fort makes you think of cowboys and Indians and the wild, wild west!

BF 306: Perched Playhouse $47,970 Brochure

This Perched Playhouse is built over belt swings and a trapeze bar. The unique design provides for swinging underneath, climbing & sliding on either end, and a tea party up above.  Just perfect! A kids' playhouse that feels like a tree fort!

BF 363: Texas Towers $125,980 Brochure

Everything in Texas is big, and the rambling Texas Towers is no exception. This redwood play structure has multiple Towers, Bridges, Slides and Swings.

BF 300: Le Grand Fort $126,800 Brochure

Le Grand Fort was the "Ultimate Gift" in the FAO Schwartz 2000 Christmas Catalog.  This beautiful play structure was purchased by a family that resides in a 16th century Castle in the South of France. Barbara and her crew traveled to France and spent over a week living in the grand castle while installing Le Grand Fort. 

BF 326: Fort Tuckaway $119,600 Brochure

Fort Tuckaway is aptly named as it intertwines among the trees, with many parts hidden from view. This luscious redwood play fort in a kaleidoscope of color resides in the backyard of a famous Hollywood TV Writer/Producer.

BF 311: Kids Barn $83,980 Brochure

Everyone can have some down home fun in one of Barbara's custom-designed play forts, the Kid's Barn, with board and batten siding, Rock Climbing all around and swings.

BF 304: Rapunzels Retreat $89,670 Brochure

Sometimes, even small spaces can handle a big playstructure. Rapunzel's Retreat has it all: a two-story Hexagon Tower, a Rope Climbing Net, Swings, Bridges, a Slide, and two happy little girls who love to play on it.

BF309: Chalet Playhouse $59,490 Brochure

This beautiful Double Playhouse has a Ship's Ladder entrance to the upper level as the easy way up for young children, moms and nannies. Older kids like the more challenging Rock Climbing Wall and Crazy Bar Climb on the Lookout Tower, connected to the Double Playhouse by the Bridge-over-Swings for 2.

BF 314: Fort Bethesda $84,270 Brochure

If you like to hear the laughter of kids at play, this is the backyard Play Fort for you.

BF 358: Fort Everything $98,360 Brochure

Fort Everything is so named because, as the client said, "It has everything"! Everything includes a wonderful 2-story Hexagon Tower with a 1' bump-out of the 2nd story so that the Rock Climbing (on all 6 sides) is more challenging when climbing up and over. Print the brochure for more details on this dynamic outdoor play structure (or click on Slideshow to see more pictures).

BF320: Fort Barbican $119,840 Brochure

This great Play Fort stands guardian at the gates and provides a ton of fun, with the massive 6-sided Rock Climbing Tower, an Arched Bridge-over-Swings and a moat …swimming with alligators… or is that just my imagination?

BF 323: Disney Lookout Tower $87,600 Brochure

The Disney Lookout Tower was commissioned by Walt Disney Entertainment for the film "Bicentennial Man", starring Robin Williams. On location for over 2 months (and now residing at a northern California home), this beautiful 3 Tower play structure is complete in every detail fulfilling every kid's dream!

BF 319: Wendys House $104,890 Brochure

Barbara creates a vision of Never-Never Land with Wendy's House. Carved and stained in a delightful pallette of rich blues,greens, pinks,oranges and more, Barbara brings a child's fantasy to life in a magical redwood playstructure.

BF 359: Count Rococos Castle $68,670 Brochure

Count Rococo's Castle will inspire everyone to play outside! Who could resist play acting at rescuing damsels in distress, fighting dragons, or being crowned King & Queen in this whimsical redwood play structure. The Count's castle will also inspire lots of physical activity with four separate 2-story Towers, inside catwalks and lots of climbing.

BF 310: Seaside Castle $79,340 Brochure

This colorful Fort-by-the-Sea has an Octagon and a Stacking Fort connected by a Fortress Bridge-over-Swings. Speaking tubes run between the 2 Towers, allowing for whispered conversations. A Ship's Wheel and Captain's Bell are great fun for the nautically inclined shivering the timbers of this Play Fort.

BF 307: Cape Codder Deluxe $55,230 Brochure

The Cape Codder Deluxe is a combination playhouse and play fort. Create "His and Her" playhouses by adding an 8' angled Bridge off the Cape Codder Balcony, making a fun, uphill run to the 2-story Pentagon Climbing Tower.

BF 360: Carolina Castle $63,620 Brochure

A magical outdoor play fort for children, The Carolina Castle includes all of Barbara's "elements of fun" - 2 Forts with a connecting Bridge-over-Swings, multiple ways up & down, loops round & round, and color, color, color!

BF 305: Pirates Haunt $53,200 Brochure

Pirate's Haunt is a delightful combination of Play Fort (where Pirates hang out when ashore) and Pirate's Ship with Crow's Nest Lookout.  What better than to connect the 2 playstructures with a swinging bridge. 

BF 302: The Clubhouse $49,870 Brochure

The spacious, 2-story Clubhouse feels like a treehouse in its dappled niche. A giant slate blackboard and Pulley Bucket suggest secret meetings and "things" afoot. 

BF 361: Fort Barbinga $59,750 Brochure

Commissioned by Dreamworks, Fort Barbinga was designed and built for the movie "Envy", starring Jack Black & Ben Stiller.

BF 362: Fort Bridget $66,400 Brochure

Fort Bridget is a series of "step-ups" from the Lookout Tower to the Bridge-over-Swings to the Main Fort.  Hidden behind the Main Fort of this play structure,  deep in the shadows of the trees, is another bridge off the back, leading to a well-hidden Tree Perch.

BF325: Fort Santa Barbara $122,300 Brochure

Fort Santa Barbara is built around a giant tree, with the branches breaking through the deck and railings. There is a separate Tree Perch with 100' Zip Line Ride (priced separately). 

Prices do not include Delivery and Installation charges. For a quote on Delivery and Installation charges, please call or email us, specifying your zip code and our product code. Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.
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